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Located minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Hundred Acres Manor brings a new level of fear every fall season. New for the 2016 Hundred Acres Manor introduces two mind-bending attractions. Hundred Acres Manor has been featured on The Travel Channel, LA Times, Forbes.com, USA Today, Good Morning America and dozens of other national and local news stations as one of America's best haunted houses. But Hundred Acres Manor hides a deep and dark secret. Over it's 13th year history Hundred Acres Manor has donated over $1.5 million to two Pittsburgh charities, The Homeless Children's Education Fund and Animal Friends. Hundred Acres Manor is not only one of America's scariest haunted houses, but also a 501c3 non-profit doing it all for a good cause.

Website : www.HundredAcresManor.com
Hundred Acres Drive
Pittsburgh (South Park), Pennsylvania, 15129

Contact Phone : 412.851.4286
Email : media@hundredacresmanor.com

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\Voted one of Americas Best haunted houses by HauntWorld Magazine and TopHaunts.com – Hundred Acres Manor is the most intense, in your face, run for your life, scream bloody murder haunted attraction featuring the most brutal displays of absolute carnage and chaos. Prepare yourself for a full sensory inhuman assault on your psyche leaving you in a state of panic and dismay. A sadistic world of unimaginable and inconceivable horrors awaits that will leave you paralyzed with shear dread and terror. Hundred Acres Manor is a true shock show that delivers an extreme overdose of terror that will leaving you crying in a corner with your insides bleeding and your underwear soiled. Hundred Acres Manor is named one of the best haunted houses in the world.


Buy tickets to one of the nations top ranked haunted houses, Hundred Acres Manor. Located minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, with six mind-bending attractions for one low price and two multi-room escape rooms! - HAUNTED HOUSE - 6 ATTRACTIONS General Admission - $20 VIP (Skip the Line) - $30 Super VIP (Skip the line + t-shirt) - $40 ESCAPE ROOMS - MULTI- ROOM THEMES Regular - $25 Early Bird (Select Days) - $20


Pittsburgh’s scariest haunted house, Hundred Acres Manor kicks off it's regular season September and runs through November. All 6 attractions and escape rooms are open everyday of operation. Experience why Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House has been named "One of The Best Haunted Houses in America" and has been featured on Forbes, The Travel Channel, Yahoo and USA Today. - 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm (Fri & Sat) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm (Sunday- Thursday)

Hundred Acres Manor
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Buy tickets to one of the nations top ranked haunted houses, Hundred Acres Manor. Located minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, with six mind-bending attractions for one low price and two multi-room escape rooms! - HAUNTED HOUSE - 6 ATTRACTIONS General Admission - $20 VIP (Skip the Line) - $30 Super VIP (Skip the line + t-shirt) - $40 ESCAPE ROOMS - MULTI- ROOM THEMES Regular - $25 Early Bird (Select Days) - $20

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Went downhill
Boy oh boy where do I even start? This place use to be absolutely amazing but the past 2/3 years the attention to detail, actors, and originality went down the drain. Not sure what happened but I'd say the peak time for Hundred Acres Manor was from 2011-2014. That's when the sets, theaming, and detail were brought to life. Did they go under new management or get new set designers, because whatever happened hurt the over all experience. Don't spend your time and money on this haunt, go somewhere else.
Posted 10/25/2017
I don't scare at all, but my wife is terrified of everything (and loves these places), which makes them so much fun. I really enjoy Hundred Acres Manor, and their animatronics were top notch this year! There was a little too much smoke in one area, and the alien stuff is kinda...well...lame, but the rest of it is great. I really recommend it!
Posted 09/14/2017
Amazing place to be
The detail and time that they take to make this place as amazing. The detail in the set is so beautiful. If you are not scared by haunted houses, just go anyway to admire all of the great detail that is put into every little set piece. This place just is something that is a great and ever growing and evolving beautiful monster. This place is pure greatness 10/10
Posted 07/12/2017
Holy crap
I love Hundred acre manor! It's gory, has so many jumpscares and it donates to charity!
Posted 10/16/2016
Solid Pittsburgh haunt
Every year this gets bigger but every year it produces. A long haunt so you get your money's worth. As mentioned sometimes you are herded in like cattle but nothing as bad as The Scarehouse. Effects aren't as good as The Scarehouse but they are better than average. Overall it's one of the best options in the Pittsburgh area.
Posted 09/27/2016
This place is amazing.Their two new attractions are amazing and the other four are still awesome! You cannot beat 6 attractions for only $20
Posted 09/16/2016
Too Scary.
Too scary....
Posted 09/02/2016
One of the best ever
I would love to give this a 10, however it was lights out and we couldn't see everything working. As haunters, we see that the work is there. It was very fun and creative. We will be back when it's not lights out to give it a 10.
Posted 11/09/2015
Rushed through like a herd of cattle!
This haunt would be great if they didn't rush you through like a herd of cattle! We went in with a group of 4 and came out as a group of 30. They need to give each group more time to start. I understand they have a lot of people waiting in line but being rushed through ruined the whole experience for me!
Posted 09/26/2015

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