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Haunted Houses - Hauntworld Magazine Issue 34 Screampark Edition
Sat, June 15, 2013

Haunted Houses - Hauntworld Magazine Issue 34 is Finally here!  Hauntworld Magazine issue 34 features several haunted houses including Verdun Manor from Dallas Texas, Dead End Haunted Hayride from Minnesota, Darkwood Manor from Virigina and Pittsburgh's biggest and best haunted house 100 Acres Manor.  Additionally the new magazine features several articles on how to own and operate a succesful haunted screampark.  Learn all the secrets from real experts on how to build, what type of attractions you should have to the operation of a major screampark. 

Lastly don't forget to visit www.HauntedHouseSupplies.com for several new how to DVD's to help you build your haunted houses in 2013.


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  Posted by Larry 3.40 AM
Hauntworld Magazine Issue 34 in Production Release soon
Thu, June 06, 2013

Hauntworld Magazine Issue 34 is in production and will be released soon!  The new issue will feature featured articles on Verdun Manor, Haunted Hotel, Darkwood Manor and much more.  Additionally the new issue of Hauntworld Magazine will feature several articles about how to build and operate a succesful haunted SCREAMPARK which is a multiple attraction event.  Get your subscription today to Hauntworld Magazine the only magazine in the entire Haunted House that helps you become a more successful owner operator.  

The next issue of Hauntworld magazine will also feature for the first time ever a professional photo shot for the cover... meaning we hired models, photographers and we planned out and created the cover from scratch.  This will be a first of its kind and we can't wait to release it! 

Coming soon to a mailbox near you! 


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  Posted by Larry 12.11 AM
Haunted Houses Find the Best Haunts here at Haunted House Magazine - Update Profiles
Mon, May 06, 2013

Find Haunted Houses here on America's Best and Biggest haunted house directory helping people find more than 3000 different types of Halloween and Haunted Attractions in 2013!  Hauntworld.com is updating its massive haunted house directory and we are about to add tons more featured haunted house articles for the 2013 Haunted House season.  It's time for all haunted attractions to log into thier accounts and update their profiles to include new videos, photos, plus updated times, dates, and prices.  Most haunted houses will open on Friday the 13th in September 2013 ... what an awesome day to open.  Many haunted houses are already updating their website check out www.ScareFest.com and look at the unique way they have already begun to promote their opening day.

Everyday between now and opening day is just that a day between now and then so why not do exactly what Scarefest.com is doing by creating headers for their website promoting only the opening day??  Haunted Houses across the country should do more to promote their opening days because from the time you close until the day you open you have nothing but time to promote re-opening your haunt.  This year is more unique than most because you have the opportunity to open on Friday the 13th in September. The date will offer extra punch to your opening day and hopfully get your haunted house going in the right direction early but only if you get the word out sooner than later.

It makes almost no sense to leave your website with the same content from last year, the sooner you can update your website with content for 2013 the better!  With the haunted house tradeshow behind us most haunted house owners are focused on getting their attractions updated and ready to open for the 2013 Halloween season.  However many haunt owners forget that part of getting your season started on the right severed foot means your website in addition to the physical location.  Why?  This year is the year to really get going early and starting the season off with a bang!  Friday the 13th dates don't come around often and when they do you should take advantage so start your promotion early this year. Why stop there change your header on your facebook page as well reflecting your opening night date!  Do EVERYTHING you can to promote the opening date between NOW and THEN!

Update your website, add new content, new headers for your pages and really hammer home the opening day which again this year can start off on an iconic day! 

And while you are at it remember to log into your accounts here and update your profiles which help your customers learn information about your haunted house and what makes your haunt special.

2013 should be the best haunted house season in many years!  There are no elections, we have a good starting date and October offers us 5 good weekends.  Prepare to scream like never before! 

Lastly we want to let you know that the newest edition of Hauntworld Magazine is coming soon packed with information to help your business succeed in 2013! 


KEEP IN MIND you must create a seperate haunted house profile for Haunted House Magazine and you must update it seperate from HauntWorld.com

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