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Screams at the Beach
22518 Lewes Georgetown Highway
Georgetown, Delaware, 19947

VISIT OUR WEBSITE : www.screamsatthebeach.com/
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This fall marks the 6th year anniversary of Screams at the Beach Haunted Attraction. Located in Georgetown, Delaware (just minutes from Rehoboth Beach) Screams at the Beach is an Award winning haunted attraction that promises an unparalleled experience in fright. This years Six alarming attractions are unique to this acclaimed venue, including Pandemonium, Abomination Acres, Cemetery of Sorrows, Crimson Woods, House of the Hollow, and the latest addition for 2016: Zombie Paintball! We take Scaring you very seriously and plan on doing it even better this year! So join us for the Most Terrifying Haunted Experience EVER! Open Every Friday & Saturday From September 30th-October 30th.
“Nothing can prepare you for the horrors you will face in the town of All Hallows. Experience terror like never before as you explore the town’s asylum, dodge the creatures in the cemetery, run through the dark woods in hopes of escape, and reach the outskirts of town…only to join the undead forever! Many who enter the forgotten town are not brave enough to stay...are you?”
House of the Hollow: A husband and wife died within these crooked walls...or did they? Find out as you roam through long corridors, alcoves, and split-level rooms. Just know this: you aren't the only thing roaming in the dimly-lit residence. Pandemonium: Take a few steps in the shoes of All Hallows' most severely disturbed residents. Unfortunately, the entire psychiatric staff has seemed to disappear...so it's up to you to decide: are the footsteps behind you real, or is it all in your head? Cemetary of Sorrows: That dilapidated "Keep Out" sign wasn't just to indicate private property...it was a warning of what's coming as you venture down the darkened graveyard trail. When the crypts start to shake, you can run but you can't hide from your ultimate fate. Escape the Crimson Woods: You feel safe(ish) lurching into the darkness on an old hayride, but you wonder if it could ever be fast enough to outrun your worst fears lurking along the treeline. Answer: in a few seconds, you're about to find out (...only if they don't find you first!) Abomination Acres: For the outcasts and freaks of All Hallows, the outskirts of town is the perfect place to be themselves (in every shocking and twisted way imaginable). They heard you were coming and they have a gruesome welcome planned...after all, they don't get many victims--er, visitors--who stay alive long enough for a decent conversation. NEW! Zombie Paintball: Due to a high volume of zombie sightings on the fringes of All Hallows, Hunting Permits will soon be available for civilian use. Permit approval and weapons distribution will begin on September 30th...hopefully you'll get your gun loaded before the zombies breach the barricades. Have you been here before? Do you think nothing can scare you? We know otherwise...no two nights are the same at the cursed town, and returning victims will experience a mix of familiar characters and fresh scenes of fright! Tickets are now available for pre-sale on the Screams website, which also has details about the attractions and a Q & A section about preparing for your night of terror. Add Screams on Facebook and Instagram to get behind-the-scenes content, local coupon information, and join the countdown to Opening Night!
-----------New Zombie Paintball---------- Hunting Permit Required To Enter Zombie Kill Zone. Permits may be applied for at Entrance or Online. Follow these Rules or Be denied Entrance Purchase Your Zombie Pass Report to the Zombie Zone Gear up To Begin Your Hunt Victims under 12 must be accompanied by a ticketed Old person Your Hunting Permit is good for ONE visit to the Kill Zone. If you would like to Kill More or you just sucked the first Time, you may purchase an extension at the Zombie Kill Zone Gate.


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