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Are you ready to watch videos of the Scariest Haunted Houses in America?  Do you want to see Zombies chasing people, eating their brains out, Monsters ripping the flesh from the bones of people traveling through America's Scariest and Best haunted houses?  Hauntworld.com will showcase the best videos of people running for their lives inside some of AMerica's Best Haunted Houses.  Haunted Houses are the best form of entertainment now in the Month of October replacing movies and or video games due to its live interactive experience.  Find the best haunted houses here at Hauntworld.com and now the best and scariest videos of Halloween Horror Haunted Houses.

Transworld Haunted House Tradeshow - Darkness Tour Video 2019
Sun, January 13, 2019
Get details about this tour at www.Haunttour.com 
Creepyworld Full Video Maze Walk Thru
Thu, November 22, 2018
See an entire walk thru of Creepyworld 2018 the World's Longest Haunted House 
Krampus Haunted Christmas
Sun, November 11, 2018
Blackout at The Darkness
Mon, November 05, 2018
One Night only Blackout at Darkness November 10th 2018
Top Rated Ranked Haunted Houses in America 2018
Fri, October 05, 2018
Watch the video that showcases the top 13 scariest haunted houses in America 2018.  www.Hauntworld.com 
The Darkness Haunted House 2018
Wed, September 12, 2018
The Darkness 2018 get more info at www.thedarkness.com 
Haunted Schoolhouse
Tue, September 11, 2018
The legendary Haunted Schoolhouse in Akron Ohio 
Hell's Gate
Mon, September 10, 2018
Go to Hells Gate Chicago's Scariest haunted house. 
Netherworld releases new video
Wed, August 29, 2018
Netherworld Haunted House Atlanta 
Blood Prison
Mon, August 13, 2018
Check out the video for BLOOD PRISON in Mansfield Ohio 
Masks and Make up Go Behind the Screams
Mon, July 23, 2018
Go behind the screams at one of America's Best Haunts The Darkness and learn about make up and masks 
The Darkness Haunted House 2018
Fri, July 13, 2018
See the Darkness 2018 Haunted House Video learn more at www.thedarkness.com 
Behind the Screams - Working at a haunted house
Thu, June 07, 2018
Go behind the screams working at The Darkness Haunted House 
The Darkness Haunted House Tour 2018 - Recap Video
Wed, May 02, 2018
Learn more about The Darkness haunted house tour during the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Tour.  www.TheDarkness.com 
Complete 2018 Transworld Haunted House Halloween Tradeshow
Thu, April 19, 2018
Complete walk thru of the 2018 Transworld Haunted House Halloween tradeshow 
The Lemp Brewery Haunted House - Transworld Haunt Tour 2018
Mon, April 09, 2018
Check out the haunt tour for the 2018 Haunt Tour during the Transworld Tour 
2018 Darkness and Lemp Brewery Haunted House Tour
Fri, January 12, 2018
get tickets now at www.thedarkness.com 
Darkness and Lemp Brewery Haunted House Tour 2018
Wed, January 10, 2018
Get tickets to the biggest haunted house tour of 2018 at http://hauntedhousetour.fearticket.com 

Or visit www.TheDarkness.com 
From Haunts to Christmas
Fri, November 24, 2017
Headless Horseman shows how to go from HORROR to Christmas 
Darkness Complete Walk Thru POV 2017
Thu, November 09, 2017
Creepyworld POV Complete Walk Thru 2017
Sun, November 05, 2017
Watch the video of Creepyworld POV Complete walk thru of one of the longest haunted houses in America. 
Bates Motel New Video
Fri, October 06, 2017
Bates Motel in Philadelphia released a new video.  Check it out.  Learn more at www.thebatesmotel.com 

Hauntworld Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in America 2017
Wed, October 04, 2017
Check out our list of the scariest haunts in AMerica. 
13th Gate Newest Horror Haunted House Video
Tue, October 03, 2017
learn more at www.13thgate.com 
Trick r Treat Haunted Hayride - Creepyworld
Wed, September 27, 2017
Watch this video and learn about the scariest trick r treat experience ever at Creepyworld Haunted House. 
Trick R Treating Gone Wrong - Creepyworld Haunted House
Fri, September 22, 2017
Check out Creepyworld Haunted Hayride - Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Netherworld Haunted House 2017
Fri, September 15, 2017
Check out the video from Netherworld 2017
Walking Dead are hunted at Zombie Laser Tag
Sun, September 10, 2017
The walking dead will be hunted inside The Darkness
The Darkness Haunted House 2017
Wed, September 06, 2017
Watch the Darkness 2017 Promo video. 
Creepyworld 2017 America's Biggest Haunted Screampark
Fri, September 01, 2017
Check out the complete guide to Creepyworld 2017! 
Haunted House Tour The Darkness 2017 - See Reactions of the all new Darkness
Mon, August 21, 2017
The entire haunt industry toured The Darkness 2017 Check out the reactions and go behind the scenes to see what we've changed. 
It Live Experience - Hollywood Haunted House
Thu, August 17, 2017
Check out the video of the It Experience in Hollywood California
Universal Studios Horror NIghts Terror Tram 2017
Sun, August 06, 2017
Check out the preview for the Terror Tram Universal Studios 2017 Horror NIghts
Transworld Haunted House Tradeshow Complete Tour 2017
Fri, May 05, 2017
See the complete haunted house tradeshow 2017.  Transworld haunted house tradeshow. 
People Getting Scared in Haunted House
Mon, April 10, 2017
Watch people getting scared inside The Darkness Haunted HOuse
Transworld 2017
Wed, March 22, 2017
Watch the video from the 2017 Haunted House Tradeshow which is happening NOW in St Louis!
Behind the Scenes Creating the all new Darkness Haunted House 2017
Sun, March 12, 2017
Learn more about the Darkness haunt tour at www.thedarkness.com
The Darkness Makes people SCREAM at parade
Thu, March 09, 2017
Watch people scream and get scared at Parade.  Learn more about The Darkness at www.thedarkness.com 
A new Horror Film by a Fellow Haunter
Fri, February 10, 2017
Check out the newest horror movie coming soon.  This film was created by fellow haunter Patrick McGee. 
netherworld Haunted Holiday
Sat, December 17, 2016
The Darkness Complete Walk Thru
Wed, October 26, 2016
Check out the video of The Darkness a complete walk thru which includes the haunted house, zombie laser tag, escape rooms, terror visions and more
Creepyworld World's Largest Haunted Screampark
Thu, October 20, 2016
Check out a view of this massive haunted hosue from the air. Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Creepyworld Complete Walk Thru
Tue, October 18, 2016
America's biggest and longest haunted screampark see the complete walk thru of this attraction. 
America's Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses 2016
Sat, October 01, 2016
Watch this video for the top 13 scariest haunted houses in America 2016.
Scarefest - St Louis Best Haunted Houses
Sat, September 24, 2016
Scarefest Haunted Houses are the Best and Scariest in St Louis.  Learn more at www.scarefest.com 
The Darkness America's Scariest Haunted House - 2016
Sat, September 10, 2016
The Darkness is set to open for the 2016 haunted house season.  The Darkness features new attractions including Zombie Laser Tag.  Watch the video and book your tickets today at www.scarefest.com
Subway Escape Game
Tue, August 30, 2016
Our Escape Rooms are NOW OPEN ... the best Escape rooms on the planet.  Learn more at www.stlouisescape.com
Netherworld Zombie Laser Tag
Sun, July 03, 2016
Watch Netherworld Haunted House produce a WILD Zombie Laser Tag event.  See monsters and zombies attack players. 
2016 Transworld Haunted House Tradeshow Review Video
Tue, May 24, 2016
Watch the video from the 2016 Transworld Haunted House - Escape Room - Halloween Tradeshow.  
Cellar Escape Room
Thu, May 12, 2016
Ttry and escape a killers  cellar before he returns to finish the job.  You have 60 minutes.  Learn more at www.stlouisescape.com 
Mummy Escape Adventure - Preview
Sat, May 07, 2016
Check out the preview of America's best Escape Room - Mummy Adventure Escape Room located in St Louis Missouri.  Learn more at www.stlouisescape.com 
Extreme Zombie Laser Tag at Silo-X
Tue, April 26, 2016
Watch a preview of the new Zombie Laser Tag Extreme zombie hunting at the new Silo-X Haunted House inside The Darkness Haunted House.  www.thedarkness.com 
Zombie Laser Tag Game
Fri, April 08, 2016
Check out how a haunted house uses a haunted house to hunt and kill zombies. 
Halloween Productions Booth at IAAPA SHow 2015
Sun, December 06, 2015
Check out the zombie themed haunted house at the 2015 IAAPA Show.
America's Top Rated 15 Haunted Houses
Sun, October 04, 2015
Hauntworld.com rates the top 15 best haunted houses. 
America's Best Haunted Houses - The Darkness - Creepyworld - The Abyss
Sat, October 03, 2015
Watch the 2015 preview of America's Best Haunts.
The Darkness Haunted House 2015
Sat, September 12, 2015
The Darkness is one of America's best, scariest and biggest haunted houses.  Watch the 2015 preview video showcasing everything new at The Darkness.  This video is scary!
Ghost Hunting GONE WRONG inside an abandonded Haunted House
Sat, September 05, 2015
Watch a couple girls break into an old abandoned haunted house looking for ghosts and see what happens.  The Abyss www.scarefest.com
America's Scariest Haunted House Haunted Overload
Fri, September 04, 2015
America's Scariest haunted house Haunted Overload.  Check out the video
13th Gate Escape Game
Fri, July 03, 2015
Check out the newest and scariest Escape Room Attraction from the creators of 13th Gate.  This is the best escape room in the United States.  
Zombie Operation Game - Watch People Scream
Tue, May 05, 2015
Watch people scream as they play a zombie operation game! 
Transworld Haunted House Halloween Tradeshow 2015 Tour
Tue, March 31, 2015
Watch this video the best one ever produced on the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow 2015. 
Transworld Haunted House Tradeshow 2015
Wed, December 10, 2014
Learn more about the Transworld 2015 Tradeshow at www.haashow.com
Thu, December 04, 2014
Many haunted things roamed IAAPA this year especially this scary haunted house
Hex House
Fri, November 14, 2014
This goes down as our favorite Promotion Video of 2014 for a haunted house.  Check it out. 
People Screaming Inside The Darkness Haunted House
Sat, October 25, 2014
Watch peoples reactions as they get scared inside The Darkness Haunted House.
Top 10 Scariest FX and Animations in a haunted house The Darkness
Sun, October 19, 2014
Watch the top 10 scariest special fx and animations inside a haunted house The Darkness in St Louis Missouri Learn more at www.scarefest.com
House of Torment
Sat, October 18, 2014
Check out the scariest haunted house in Austin House of Torment www.houseoftorment.com
Ford Truck Car Wash Haunted Prank
Fri, October 17, 2014
Ford did a video of scaring people in a car wash with help from Erebus Haunted House www.hauntedpontiac.com
Netherworld Haunted House
Thu, October 16, 2014
Check out this video from Netherworld Haunted House.  Learn more at www.fearworld.com
The Abyss People Get Scared
Tue, October 07, 2014
Watch people get scared inside The Abyss haunted house.  Trapped deep underground where no one can hear you scream.  Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Creepyworld Haunted Screampark biggest in America
Sat, October 04, 2014
Creepyworld is the longest haunted Screampark in America watch the preview!  Get details at www.scarefest.com
13th Gate Haunted House
Fri, September 19, 2014
This is one of the best haunted houses in America 13th Gate and this might be the best trailer for a haunted house ever.  Learn more at www.13thgate.com
13th Floor Chicago Illinois
Thu, September 18, 2014
Chicago has a new scary haunted house opening this Halloween season.  Check out the video for 13th Floor in Chicago Illinois. visit their website www.13thfloorchicago.com
Netherworld Haunted Parade
Fri, September 05, 2014
Check out a spooky parade in downtown Atlanta more monsters than I've ever seen. Learn more about Netherworld at www.fearworld.com
Scariest Haunted House in America - The Abyss at Lemp Brewery
Fri, August 22, 2014
This video is very scary featuring a haunted house in St Louis Missouri deep underground the Lemp Brewery inside real Caves and Caverns.  The Abyss takes you underground in pure darkness where you are alone with nothing to guide you be pure insticts while be surrounded by albino creatures looking to devour your flesh. Learn more about The Abyss at www.scarefest.com
Terror Visions Crazy Clowns Unleashed!
Tue, August 19, 2014
Terror Visions is the World's Best 3D Haunted House located in St Louis inside the all new Darkness haunted house.  The haunted house is filled with special fx, amazing 3D and much more.  Learn more at www.Scarefest.com
The Darkness Haunted House Tour Preview Video
Fri, February 28, 2014
Watch the video on The Darkness haunted house preview prior to the biggest haunt tour of the year in St Louis March 20-23, 2014.  Learn more at www.thedarkness.com
Hauntcon Haunt Tours and Seminars January 2014
Mon, January 06, 2014
Hauntcon is a tradeshow filled with haunt tours and seminars and this year its in Houston in January.  Check out this video which gives you some background on previous shows.  Learn more about their show at www.hauntcon.com
St Louis Rams Cheerleaders Come to The Darkness Haunted House to Scream
Sat, October 26, 2013
Rams Cheerleaders come to The Darkness and prepare to scream!  Check it out!  Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Scream Can Video Watch People Scream
Fri, October 25, 2013
Watch people scream at one of the Worlds biggest adn scariest screamparks.  www.ScareFest.com
The Bates Motel
Mon, October 21, 2013
The Bates Motel once you check in you'll never check out... watch the promo for one of Americas best and scariest haunted screamparks
Halloween Craziests Travel Channel TV Show The Haunting of Lemp Brewery
Sat, October 19, 2013
Watch the show called Halloween Craziest which featured The Haunting of Lemp Brewery.  Learn the history of the Lemp Family and the haunted house. Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Creepyworld Hillbillies on Shipping Wars
Thu, October 17, 2013
Shipping Wars recently came to The Darkness to drop off some Giant Hillbillies for Creepyworld check out the episode watch this video.  The video was also for Hauntworld Magazine photo shoot.  The video was very funny!
13th Floor Haunted House Promo
Mon, October 14, 2013
Check out this awesome promo for 13th Floor Haunted House.
Watch people Scream Point of View Cam at Scary Haunted House
Fri, October 11, 2013
A camera is strapped to several different guests and watch them scream all throughout The Darkness Haunted House.  Learn more at www.scarefest.com
House of Torment Austin Texas
Wed, October 09, 2013
Check out the House of Torment in Austin Texas.  This is an awesome promo! 
Dent SchoolHouse
Mon, October 07, 2013
In Cincy Ohio there is a haunted house so scary.. check on the video. 
Netherworld Haunted House
Sun, October 06, 2013
Netherworld one of hte biggest haunted houses in the World.  Check out the new video an visit them at www.fearworld.com
Spookywoods Haunted Screampark
Fri, October 04, 2013
One of the biggest haunted screamparks in America is Spookywoods in North Carolina check out their new promo video.
Dead End Haunted Hayride
Thu, October 03, 2013
There is new level of fear in Minnesota check out this haunted trailer. 
Transworld Haunted House Tours - Recap
Sat, June 15, 2013

Watch a video about all the haunt tours during the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Show.

The Darkness Haunted House Tour Promo
Sat, February 09, 2013

The Darkness will open for the 2013 Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Show in St. Louis March 2013.  Get tickets and info at www.thedarkness.com

The Darkness Haunt Tour Promo 2013
Thu, January 17, 2013

The biggest haunted house tour of the year will be held in St. Louis Missouri March 7, 8 and9th during the Transworld Haunt and Halloween show get tickets now at www.thedarkness.com



The Darkness Haunted House
Wed, July 04, 2012

The Darkness Haunted House was showcased during the 2012 Haunted House tradeshow in St. Louis.&nbsp; Finally the crew from The Darkness came through with a video of the event.&nbsp; The Darkness Haunted House is one of America's best haunted attractions featuring custom animation, live actors, and over 30,000 scream feet of sheer terror.&nbsp; The Darkness also upgaded their World Famous Terror Visions 3D haunted house with all sorts of new animations and 3D special fx.</p>
<p>Next year the haunted house show will be back in St. Louis, hopefully with all new haunt tours as good as the Darkness.&nbsp; Haunted Houses across America are set to open in less than 2 months so hopefully this video will help get everyone excited about the upcoming haunted house season.  To learn more about this haunted house visit www.scarefest.com

MHC Haunted House Tour Preview
Thu, May 17, 2012

Preview the 2012 MHC Haunted House TOurs.

Hauntcon Haunted House Tradeshow
Wed, April 04, 2012

Coming soon May 2012 is one of the biggest haunted house tradeshows of 2012 Hauntcon.  Learn more details about Hauntcon at www.hauntcon.com

Haunted House Tradeshow
Mon, December 26, 2011

The 2012 Transworld Haunted House and Halloween Show is coming fast... do you own a haunted house?  If you own a haunted house this is THE SHOW you can't miss!  This coming March in St. Louis Missouri March 8, 9 and 10th will be the biggest Halloween adn Haunted House blow out show ever!  You can find animations, props, zombies, monsters, or find ticketing companies, insurance to masks, and make up.

See a preview of last years show and prepare yourself for this years shows!  To learn more visit www.hauntshow.com to learn more about all the haunted house tours go to www.thedarkness.com

The Darkness
Thu, November 24, 2011

The Darkness was featured on Travel Channel Halloween Crazy check it out.  The Darkness is running a haunted house tour for haunted house owners and operators in March 2012.  Visit www.TheDarkness.com learn more.  The 2012 Transworld Halloween and Haunted House is happening in March located in St. Louis Missouri.  Learn more about the tradeshow at www.hauntshow.com

Ghost Ride Productions
Thu, October 13, 2011

Ghost Ride Productions is one of the biggest creators of gory props, animations, and special effects.  Visit their website at www.GhostRide.com

Thu, October 13, 2011

Scarefactory is one of the biggest haunted house animation companies in the haunt industry.  They create animations for haunted houses.  Check out their website at www.scarefactory.com

NetherWorld Haunted House
Thu, October 13, 2011

Netherworld is the best haunted house in Atlanta GA.  Learn more at www.FearWorld.com

Dark Castle Haunted Attractions
Dark Castle Haunted Attractions
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10 January, 2019
The Haunted Farm
The Haunted Farm
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Warehouse 31 Unleashed
Warehouse 31 Unleashed
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12 December, 2018
Krampus Haunted Christmas
Krampus Haunted Christmas
Uploaded By: Jill Bennett
21 November, 2018
The Haunted Farm
The Haunted Farm
Uploaded By: Jim C
27 October, 2018
McFinnigan Manor
McFinnigan Manor
Uploaded By: Jacob Hood
26 October, 2018
Lake Hickory Haunts
Lake Hickory Haunts
Uploaded By: Ryan Settlemyre
25 October, 2018
21 October, 2018
21 October, 2018
Fortress of Fear ScreamPark
Fortress of Fear ScreamPark
Uploaded By: Jason Dlugokecki
18 October, 2018
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Dark Castle Haunted Attractions
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Boogerwoods Haunted Attraction
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Krampus Haunted Christmas
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