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THE SCAREATORIUM in Columbus Ohio is a 40,000 square foot indoor entertainment complex featuring 2 terrifying attractions: the NORTHLAND ASYLUM and RIPS 3-D FUNHOUSE; featuring 4 ESCAPE ROOMS (with separate admission). Free Parking. “#9 Top Tri-State Attraction Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Haunts! YOU’LL GO CRAZY WITH FEAR! THE SCAREATORIUM is one of Ohio’s BEST Attractions!” ~ City Blood Review

Website : www.scareatorium.com
2605 Northland Plaza Drive
Columbus, Ohio, 43231

Contact Phone : 614-761-3327
Email : info@scareatorium.com

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Average Rate 9.49 Based on 82 ratings

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Experience an unforgettable journey into FEAR with TWO Haunts for ONE Admission Price featuring the Northland Asylum, RIP ’s 3-D Funhouse; and check out the ESCAPE ROOMS (with separate admission) featuring 13 Coffins, Lyncon Labs, RIPS Boxcar and the Cutthroat Cabin ~ and win prizes if you solve the 3 Minute Challenge! Be sure to check our Twitter, Facebook and website for special PROMOTIONS and DEALS! For more information see www.ColumbusHauntedHouse.com.


Tickets are available onsite at the Box Office. Online Tickets feature VIP, Timed Tickets as well as General Admission and Groups Sales. Party Room Rental Packages and Makeup Artist Services are available. For information contact us at Info@Scareatorium.com or 614-761-3327. - General Admission $20 Timed Tickets $23 *Available in advance only VIP Admission $30 Group Rates for 20 and 50+.


The ScareAtorium opens September 22 through and operates through November 4, 2017. Thursdays and Sundays - 7:30 - 10 pm Friday and Saturdays 7:30 pm - 12:00 am Please check the website for the current operating schedule. Tickets are available on-line and on-site. - The Box Office opens at 7 pm nightly when the attraction is operating and offers tickets for General Admission, VIP (FAST PASS) and ESCAPE ROOMS (available on site only). Be sure to check our Twitter, Facebook and www.Scareatorium.com website for SPECIAL PROMOTIONS and DEALS!

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The ScareAtorium
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mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.
Tickets are available onsite at the Box Office. Online Tickets feature VIP, Timed Tickets as well as General Admission and Groups Sales. Party Room Rental Packages and Makeup Artist Services are available. For information contact us at Info@Scareatorium.com or 614-761-3327. - General Admission $20 Timed Tickets $23 *Available in advance only VIP Admission $30 Group Rates for 20 and 50+.

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Scareatorium blows many haunted houses in Ohio out of the water its a must see haunt hands down.
Posted 10/17/2017
Snooze fest!!!!!!
Not very good actors, the Haunted Hoochie was by far much better!!!!!
Posted 10/15/2017
Really cool haunted house
Drove 2 hours to see this place. Well worth the time andifference money... also no scam for parking... was free! Hate when places charge you 2 or 3 bucks to park. Haunt was detailed, actors in your face. 3d was off the chain! We will be back!
Posted 11/30/2016
Awesome fun!!
Let me say, I have been to a lot of haunted houses and attractions... to be able to wait in line without getting rained on... awesome. The actors out front were great, funny, entertaining... music was a little loud at times, but the overall experience was fun... Red headed clown and the purple clown were great. Inside everything changed... place looked awesome, not like the storefront outside. Lots of stuff to look at... and its a trip if you have to go to the bathroom.. there were two attractions on the inside.. and asylum and clown house.. Asylum was really detailed.. good acting... some empty areas, but we came on a thursday at the start of the season, most haunts are understaffed then.. we expect that. But those that were there.. rocked it. the clown house is all in 3d. You get 3d glassed, and one of the best I have seen... some really scary clowns some funny.. but lot of eye candy to see.. love the bridges and the vortex... once out if you can find the way.. escape room, we did two... I suck at puzzles so didn't make it out of either.. but really a good time.. can't wait to go back next year..
Posted 11/21/2016
Superior Haunted House!
Granted, it is in a store front, but the actors out in the line with us were great.. loved the clown guy... funny.. they break up the wait with music and a cool thing with an ambulance.. don't want to give that away.. inside.. wow, I came a few years ago... cool paint job on wall, new scenes, great acting and the 3D, best I have every scene... they even gave me a tour of the makeup room.. awesome.. professional, no touching, no vulgar language, extremely entertaining... I am telling all my work mates.. AAA+++ MK
Posted 11/08/2016
This haunted house was great!! I went with my best friend and we were hiding in fear! It was so fun, line was entertaining and actors were great!! The props were awesome and I was really scared!! I had TONS of fun!! Definitely an experience to remember and I'm for sure going back next year!!
Posted 11/03/2016
The best about this place was getting back in my car and leaving.
Posted 10/20/2016
The best yet!
I've been to around 6 or so haunted houses in the last few years and the scareatorium is by far the best one I've ever went to. Just went last night with two friends. The line was HUGE but moved quite fast, and there's monsters outside that keep you entertained the whole time. The amount of detail put into this place is truly awesome. You can tell they really care about it. And each and every actor were great. They all were very real and vibrant, and had their own personality. On top of that there's police officers, private ambulance, and all kinds of safety exits and precautions which just show you how they really want everyone to be safe and have a great time. Many great jump scares here and just an overall great time, well worth it. Most definitely recommend. There's so many things I haven't said about the place too, because I'd love for everyone to explore them first hand there. Enjoy!
Posted 10/16/2016
One of the best haunts in ohio
This haunt us amazing, great detail, and very scary, to be honest I think it's one of the best haunts In Ohio and I've been to a lot.
Posted 10/04/2016
Your fear, is certainly here
Just went in this past weekend and it was by far the haunted house I've been to in a long time. The ScareAtTorium is excuted with extreme detaill and the acting is llike no other. Each actor was highly energetic and brought life into the story line for both asylum and funhouse.
Posted 10/04/2016

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