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The Hill Has Eyes Milwaukee Haunted House Experience: A Horror Extravaganza - http://mke.hillhaseyes.com/ Take a Ride on the Scare Lift and Dare to Escape Wisconsin's Haunted Trails The drivers didn't know they were hauling truckloads of chemical waste to the old abandoned quarry outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Under a blood moon, they dumped their cargo without any warning to the nearby trailer park. A simple wooden sign was posted into the ground, No Man's Land By Order of the US Government. A million gallons of toxic sludge seeped into the soil below. The people in the trailer park had no chance and, when they rose, they were scarcely people at all. Minds twisted and bodies scarred, the mutants awoke hungry for human flesh. Test your courage through five gruesome attractions, all for the price of one. The Hill draws you to it, draws you in as the living flesh its inhabitants crave. Don't expect the armed guards to rescue you. They're there to keep you in, to fulfill the unholy pact between your government and the mysterious figure even the mutants fear. Enjoy our haunted attractions along with nightly music, bonfires and food and beverages.

Website : mke.hillhaseyes.com/
7900Crystal Ridge Road
Franklin, Wisconsin, 53132

Contact Phone : 6086093698
Email : emansour@evokebrands.com

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The Hill Has Eyes: A Horror Extravaganza Take a Ride on the Scare Lift and Dare to Escape Wisconsin's Haunted Trails and test your courage through five gruesome attractions, all for the price of one: Admission: $20-$53. Tickets can be purchased at the box office. Located near the parking lot at 7900 Crystal Ridge Drive. Or pre-buy tickets online at hillhaseyes.com


5 attractions for the price of 1! Nightly bonfires, music, food, party tent and more! - $30-$53


September 28-30; October 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28 - On-site box office hours: Thursdays: 6:30pm 10:00pm Fridays: 6:30pm 11:00pm Saturdays: 6:30pm 11:00pm Sundays: 6:30pm 10:00pm Attractions open at 7:00pm Park closes about an hour after the box office closes.

The Hill Has Eyes
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5 attractions for the price of 1! Nightly bonfires, music, food, party tent and more! - $30-$53

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Not your daddy's haunted house
This is a different experience than a typical haunted house. They have scares, they have gore, but what makes it different is that it's a longer experience, and you're walking though a variety of settings and even onto the ski lift... but don't expect scares on the lift, I imagine it's a safety issue.
Posted 10/14/2017
Awesomely scary !
Unique venue , thus haunted house is Unlike any other! Up on a mountain and totally outside never expecting what's coming out of the woods! This was a great group event! Drinks after great addition!
Posted 10/08/2017
Loved It
I loved that it was outdoors, I will be going back this year!
Posted 09/06/2017
Great Haunts!!
The Hill Has Eyes is a great Halloween attraction! I went through in a small group, just myself and two others, and I went first... I've never had more fun at a haunted event! I was disappointed to find there was no beer available for purchase after each stop, as we were told there would be. Other than that mild disappointment, it was a great time.
Posted 10/29/2016
Fantastic truly worth it
I went in a group of 5 and it was an amazing g time boh times we went.they switch it up so you never know what's going to happen
Posted 10/18/2016
It was funny
It was funny and scary at the same time.
Posted 11/01/2015
It sucked all blood and guts and just jump scares
Posted 10/17/2015
Way better than any indoor Haunt
The outdoors / twisting & turning trails get you disoriented, and you feel lost about 15 minutes into it. The woods are spooky, the actors follow along a story line, which most haunts dont do. I also liked the bonfires, and they have a bar at the waiting area. All true Wisconsin Haunts should offer beer. The top of the hill has been greatly improved in 2015, and i would recommend going on thursday or sunday, (less crowded) and buying tickets online to save time.
Posted 10/12/2015
Very Unique
Went last 3 years. Gets better each year. Outdoor haunt through the woods at an old ski hill creates a creepy vibe.
Posted 09/23/2015
Milwaukee's Best, hands down
My husband and I went there with some friends last october and it was a blast! We can't wait to go back this year, such an exciting time
Posted 08/24/2015

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