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Dead Man's Farm Haunted House
9567 US-11E
Lenoir City, Tennessee, 37772

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NEW! "DARE TO BE TOUCHED!" - $5 OPT-IN EXPERIENCE!!! Are you ready to take your scare to the NEXT LEVEL! You will be TOUCHED! You may be CORNERED! You may BECOME PART OF THE SHOW... Can you handle it??? *Only guests that purchase this option will be touched. Must be 18 or older with proof of ID. Must sign our waiver before entering.
Enjoy Our Midway Entertainment! Outside Entertainment, Fire Breathing, Bonfires, Music, Concessions and Special Guests! Excitement and Horror that you won't find anywhere but our Midway.
ARE WE REALLY HAUNTED??? Paranormal research group findings: -"We here at ETPRS have gone through all of the evidence from our investigation at Dead Man's Farm. We can now say without a doubt that Deadman's Farm does show evidence of paranormal activity." -E.T.P.R.S. East TN Paranormal Research Society -"We have had the chance to investigate the buildings and land of the farm, and based on our audio findings, we can truly say that there is evidence of unexplained paranormal phenomena within its grounds. Do your visitors dare to enter the gates to face not only the terror of the characters they will encounter, but also perhaps some they can't see...lurking in the shadows?" -V.A.P.R. Vonore Area Paranormal Research -"We have certified Dead Man's Farm as a true haunted farm." -S.H.O.K. Spirit Hunters of Knoxville
The legend of the bludgeon family. Dead Man's Farm was owned by the BLUDGEON FAMILY for many years. The few people that can still remember say the family was very secluded; doing everything for themselves at the farm. Raising their own crops, slaughtering their own meat and even performing medical and dental procedures on each other. That is until they fell onto hard times. Witnesses reported that they were using BLACK MAGIC to experiment on the crops, the farm animals and eventually the poor farm hands. Some people believe that the Bludgeon family was using this dark magic on the physical bodies and the very souls of their victims while others believe they weren't really human to begin with. They twisted the land and the beasts into UNHOLY ABOMINATIONS in their attempt to make the farm more profitable. Being unsuccessful in the end, the farm was foreclosed on. What the police found was a gruesome scene of human corpses, animal parts and some unnatural creatures but the Bludgeon family was never found. Unfortunately, no witnesses survived to testify against any of the Bludgeon family members. Some simply disappeared, others died around mysterious circumstances. Once the smoke cleared and the public started to forget, members of the family started to reconvene on the farm they once loved. Now the Bludgeon family is back!
Testimonials: "I absolutely love Dead Man's Farm!!! Best haunted house I've ever been to!!!" - Jenny "FREAKY! Loooovvvvveeee this place!!!! -Erin "HOLY S#&T! I can't do that again!" -Don "Great!! Scary, unpredictable, and fun!!" -Angel "It was amazing! Well worth the money. Had an awesome time...keep it up guys! -Daphne "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!" -Unknown guy running out of the exit toward his car. "We drove 3 hours to get here and we'll do it again next year!" -Zack "We brought our entire office as a team building exercise! I have never felt closer to those people in my life, LOL!" "I PISSED all over myself!" -Ashley


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