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Website : www.marrbranchhauntedhouse.com/
2289 Garner Chapel Road
Mount Olive, North Carolina, 28365

Contact Phone : 9197380929
Email : marrbranch@inbox.com

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We are the haunt your Mother warned you about!


Oct. 5,11,12,18,19,25,26,27,31,Nov. 1,2 - 7:30- until

Marr Branch Haunted House
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9.4 Skulls
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Sets, Detail, Theming
9.4 Skulls
Special FX
9.4 Skulls
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Scariest Attraction in the Country!
This is a one of a kind haunted attraction with one of a kind actors, props, and a one of a kind location (out in the middle of bumble-fuck nowhere). This place is the place to go to be scared sh**-less. No haunt that I know of compares to Marr Branch Haunted House and the quality show they put on for its customers. Not only do they have a haunted house to scare the shit outta you, but also two INTENSE outdoor trails that you will NOT soon forget. A few actors from the bus and the trailer both got me REAL good enough for me to run me and my girlfriend out of there in terror. Let's see how extreme they can get this year!
Posted 07/30/2017
nowhere compares to marr branch
Let me first start off by saying this place is one of a kind. there is no place that compares to Marr Branch. You can tell how much hard work is put into this awesome place. It's a walk (or run) that you won't soon forget, from the props to the actors, it all works and they will get you at some point of the time spent here. Kudos for one of the best haunts in the country. they will get you at marr branch and you won't see it coming.
Posted 10/31/2016
Scary house out in the country in the middle of Nowhere
Took the kids last night to Marr Branch. Drove from Raleigh. At first, I thought this couldn't be that good being so far out in the country but I was wrong. So many narrow rooms to walk through, seemed like it went forever. Must have had 30 or more actors and mechanical props that jump out at you. This was well worth the drive. We WILL be back!! Best haunted house I've been to. Multiple chain saws. Haha!
Posted 10/22/2016
I love this it was so cool:) I kept getting a smart mouth with the people and it was funny. But here r some things that weren't the best first off the people smoke there. Also one person was late and he said Awww Mannn but it was still funny. But I loved this place and the lines weren't boring at all because that had people entertaining u there! Also there was some profanity used there but that's ok i guess.. I RECCOMEND THIS TO ANY PERSON WHO LOVED BEING SCARED!
Posted 10/22/2016
Great show with Awesome actors, worth the money every single year with all the different added material , you'll scream, llaugh, cry, I've even seen people piss themselves,
Posted 09/27/2016
No conga line!! Best entertainment, not just scary but funny and surprised around ever corner! well worth the drive and the money!!
Posted 09/22/2016

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