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Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.Field of Screams offers a World Class Haunted Hayride, a Terrifying Haunted Den of Darkness Horror Barn, and more. Click this profile for information, directions, photos, videos and more.

Website : www.fieldofscreams.com
191 College Ave
Mountville, Pennsylvania, 17601

Contact Phone : 717 285 7748
Email : jim@fieldofscreams.com

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WE ARE AMERICA'S #1 HAUNTED ATTRACTION!! Voted number one by USA Today, Field of Screams continues to make improvements and changes to make the experience the most terrifying yet! We have four horrifying attractions: The Haunted Hayride, the Den of Darkness, The Frightmare Asylum, and the Nocturnal Wasteland. This year, the first haunted attraction ever to incorporate two separate events into one, Field of Screams has woven together the Nocturnal Wasteland and the Haunted Hayride to bring your haunted experience to a whole new horrifying level. Terrified customers will grip the rails of the overhead walkway as explosions ring out all around them and they watch the live action unfold below. Striving to provide the best in Fall Haunted Entertainment, Field of Screams has given FEAR a whole new meaning this year!


Our Entertainment Area is loaded with TONS of special events, magic shows, live entertainment, bands, DJ's, competitions, celebrity appearances, contests, and much more.


Prices may vary depending on the date chosen to visit. Open in September, October, and November. See website to find out how to avoid the busiest days! We are open on Halloween, Tuesday October 31st. - November 10th is the Extreme Blackout Experience! See website for more details. November 11th is our 5th annual 5K Zombie Fun Run!

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Field of Screams
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Our Entertainment Area is loaded with TONS of special events, magic shows, live entertainment, bands, DJ's, competitions, celebrity appearances, contests, and much more.

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Scared me half to death! I left crying in agonizing fear and tears (in a super awesome way)! The actors and actresses were very touchy and super active. I had fake weapons to my neck, skull, back, legs, ankles, and even had fake surgery performed on me! They would not let me go when i begged them to let me go! In the hayride inside the Clown Tent i had 1 clown on each side of me, hovering behind me, in front of me, and one on my lap...the one to my right kept holding me, rubbing my shoulder, and rocking me saying "shh it's okay calm down you're safe with us." as the rest tried to calm me and I kept crying and screaming as i rocked back and forth holding my head between my hands fearing for my life! This haunt...intense...I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! GENE AND JIM SCHOPF CREATED A REALLY GOOD HAUNT!!! THEY ROCK I LOVE THEM!!!
Posted 10/10/2017
Don't bet on not getting scared
This is not your run-of-the-mill haunted house. This is not an event for the faint of heart. THIS WILL SCARE YOU. I have been wanting to come here ever since 2011 but no one else had the guts. Until I found someone that went before and wanted to go again. When I first arrived actors were in line attempting to scare us already. After the ticket booth there is a very large area for food, drinks, and games. I went there in September so it was not busy at all but if you happen to go on a good night then I recommend VIP because it gets PACKED. I enjoyed the large selection of food and drinks available, also the live music was nice. The Den of Darkness was the first haunted house I did. It felt very long and terrifying. I could not wait to get out(in a good way). Each room seemed to have a different horrific smell. The actors were very touchy and very active. We then decided to go into the Frightmare Asylum. Very good at sticking to the theme and very good props. Nocturnal Wasteland could use some assistance but still very good for it only being open for 3 years. The tesla coil scared the bejesus out of me because I thought it wasn't on and then it turned on. We saved the best for last, the Haunted Hayride. No one ever told me they locked us in sheds… but there I was. Me and my friend got scared so many times it’s not even funny. I have no description other than prepare to turn into the biggest pu**y you’ll ever meet.
Posted 10/08/2015

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