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Hotel of Horror
Street Address
Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 18353

VISIT OUR WEBSITE : www.hotelofhorror.com
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The Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares Halloween Attractions are both housed inside the Lake House Hotel intertwined and breathing next to one another, sharing organs and a circulatory system like conjoined twins. The sinister subconscious of the Hotel of Horror feeds off the dark energy that stains the lumber skeleton of this once pristine mountain resort, while Altered Nightmares celebrates the chaos that grows stronger as each soul travels through its decaying halls and abandoned rooms. Please enter with caution as the inmates run this asylum. This 2015 will celebrate the 23rd year that The Hotel of Horror has been fascinating and horrifying legions of fans from the far reaches of The United States and even internationally. Witness for yourself why we are critically acclaimed.
Hotel of Horror presents Spirits Sacrifice. The Spirits of the once pristine Lake House Hotel's bygone era will be looking to sacrifice souls to feed their needs. Who are the ghosts that reside inside this Victorian Era Hotel all but forgotten in time. Moving and haunting amid the rooms, filling the air with their chill. Do you dare to share the halls, are you brave enough to step and side and possibly come face to face.
New to the Attractions for 2015: The Coffin Coach and iPas Activities. Coffin Coach-The Dark Ride that takes you on your own after life experience and back again. Not for the faint of heart- this ride encapsulates you alone in a final destination journey. Dark, Confined, Confusing, and Totally Terrifying- A ride you won’t soon forget. iPas- Interactive Patron Activated Scare Bored with waiting in line at the Haunted House- Be the Haunter instead of the haunted. Here’s your chance with iPas. Experience the thrill of haunting from a private viewing booth which enables you to which monitors patrons in both Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares attractions and trigger selected animatronics to terrify the unsuspecting passing through.
The third state of the art attraction also housed inside the Legendary and Abandoned Lake House Hotel in historic Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania is the Exhibition Macabre. This museum is not your average tour. Visit with our seasoned host and see the static displays of history's experiments in practicing medicine,preparing the dead, memorializing life. Reality in it's darkest hour. These authentic antiques- medical, dental, funeral, asylum and penitentiary, are housed inside the original front parlor and a portion of the original bar accessible through the original front entrance of this once grand hotel. Tickets are available through the box office only, and are sold every night that we are open to the public. This is a magnificent add on to your Halloween Experience that is sure to not be missed- we promise you will not see anything else like this.


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